Agave Syrup

Agave syrup is a natural sweetener produced from the piña of the Blue Agave plant. Ciranda carries both light and dark agave syrups, each of which has a low glycemic index of approximately 17. Light syrup is golden in color with a slight agave flavor. Dark syrup is amber in color with a more pronounced agave flavor.  

Agave is grown in the arid areas of Mexico, and requires no irrigation or fertilizing. Organic agave can be grown in poor soil that does not support other food crops. To harvest, the spreading leaves are chopped from the agave piña, then the piña is transported to the processing plant. There, the piña is ground up with hot water, releasing the inulin from the fiber. The remaining fiber is filtered out, leaving dilute inulin syrup. To make agave syrup, the dilute inulin syrup is processed with low heat to break down the inulin into fructose and glucose. The resulting diluted fructose syrup is concentrated, yielding a syrup of approximately 80% fructose and 17% glucose.  

Label declaration: 
Organic Agave Syrup
Shelf life: 
2 years.
55.11 pound carboys/pails, 628.31 pound drums, and 2,976.19 pound totes.