Cocoa Butter

Organic Cocoa Butter: Natural in blocks and wafers
Organic Cocoa Butter: Deodorized in blocks

Cocoa Butter is the natural, cream-colored fat extracted from the cocoa liquor. It is available in both natural and deodorized (neutral flavor) versions. It adds smoothness, mouthfeel and flavor to chocolates and is also used as a key ingredient in body care products.

After harvesting, the fresh beans are removed from the cocoa fruit. The beans are then fermented, dried, cleaned, pre-roasted, broken, and cleaned again. The broken beans are roasted, cooled, and ground, resulting in cocoa liquor. Cocoa liquor is then pressed to seperate the natural cocoa butter from the cocoa powder. The butter is deposited either in wafers or cubes, packaged and cooled. During the deodorization process, steam flows through liquid natural cocoa butter to remove undesired free fatty acids and the typical cocoa odor. Bleaching can be done, on request, by combining it with diatomecious earth and then removing the diatomecious earth again by filtration.

Label declaration: 
Organic Cocoa Butter
Shelf life: 
One year.
Natural blocks: 55.11 pound boxes; 32 to the pallet. Natural wafers: 35 pound boxes; 60 boxes to the pallet. Deodorized blocks: 55.11 pound boxes; 40 boxes to the pallet. Minimum order quantity is 10 units.
Application Functionality
Cookies Mouthfeel
Chocolate Mouthfeel


Kosher Parve
Fair Trade by Fair Trade (FLO)
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Gluten Free