Olive Oil - Extra Virgin

Our olive oil comes from Tunisia and has a wonderfully rich and full flavor. It is light green in color and is produced from olives picked the day of production.

Fruit from the olive tree (Olea europaea L.) is hand picked and sorted at the farm and taken to the mill on the same day. At the mill, the whole, slightly under-ripened fruit is crushed into a paste, then pressed to extract the oil. This first cold press olive oil requires no temperature change.  The olive oil is pumped into a separator to remove water and small solids from the oil. The oil is tested to determine its quality and classification, then packaged.

Label declaration: 
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Shelf life: 
2 years.
420 pound drums or 2019 pound totes. Minimum order quantity is one drum so 420 pounds.
Application Functionality
Crackers Crispness
Salad dressing Flavor
Soap Flavor


Kosher Parve


Transfat Free
Gluten Free