Potato Starch - Pre-gelled

The organic potato starch is a white powder with a neutral taste used in food applications principally for high binding strength and long texture.  Pre-gel potato starch has been pre-cooked and dried to thicken in cold water. This starch is often referred to as cold-water swelling.

After checking potatoes for quality, they are washed, shredded, and washed again. The potato juice is then separated from the potato pulp. The starch is washed, extracted from the water through a centrifuge, and finally dried to produce native potato starch. Pre-gel starch is created by cooking native potato starch in water and then drying. The starch passes through a screen and a magnet to eliminate impurities, before packaging in bags.

Label declaration: 
Organic Potato Starch.
Shelf life: 
4 years.
44.09 lb bags. 45 bags to the pallet.


Kosher Parve


Gluten Free