Tapioca Syrups

TapiOK® syrups are clean, neutral-flavored syrups that add sweetness and functional attributes in a wide variety of foods and beverages. They are available in a range of sugar profiles, from DE 27 to 95, and include varying maltose levels. Depending on the application, tapioca syrup can impart a rich flavor or be used as a color-and-flavor-neutral base for confections and beverages. The syrups are highly soluble and provide immediate, long-term and  balanced energy release through the distribution of simple and complex carbohydrates.  

Tapioca syrup is produced from native tapioca starch through a natural enzymatic hydrolizing process.  

Label declaration: 
(Organic) Tapioca Syrup. Additional labeling options noted in: 21CFR 168.120.
Shelf life: 
2 years.
55.11 pound carboys/pails, 640 pound drums; 3,000 pound totes. Bulk options also available.