Fifteenth Annual Artful Garden Tour in Hudson, WI features Ciranda's Garden

JUNE 27, 2013  -  Ciranda is happy to participate in the Fifteenth Annual Artful Garden Tour which will be held this weekend, June 29 and 30, from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and from 1 PM to 4 PM on Sunday in Hudson, WI. 

The tour begins at the Octagon House, 1004 Third St. in Hudson, WI.  It consists of seven gardens in the Hudson area that are filled  with beautiful plantings and many interesting garden features, such as waterfalls, ponds, footpaths, sculpture, streams, water gardens and koi ponds.

Welcome to Ciranda’s sustainable and organic garden!

Our garden features perennial beds that are organically grown, using only organic compost fertilizer and no chemicals.

The lawn is also managed organically and mowed with a battery-powered mower to reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution (they are very quite when in operation). Solar panels located on the garage roof are used to recharge the batteries.

The shaded perennials beds on the north side feature a walking path through the garden and under a canopy of long-established trees. A water garden with hardy native plants is also a feature of the north garden. It collects rainwater and slowly disperses it into the ground.

Two bee hives, monitored and managed by the University of Minnesota, are situated on the garden’s northwest side, near the garage. Because bees are nature’s most important pollinators, we believe that maintaining healthy hives will help promote a fertile and sustainable environment. Dandelions are also part of our mixed grass lawn as they are an important food for bees in the spring and an early source of nectar.

The south end of the garden features a koi pond and a stream that flows under a stone bridge. Water in the koi pond is primarily replenished by rainwater from the gutters on the building’s south side and from the basement sump pump.   
On the garden’s west side, you will find a wood-fired stone oven for bread and pizza baking. A community-shared oven is an old tradition in many communities around the world. Neighbors are welcome to bring their homemade bread to bake here when the oven is hot! Also on the west side is an architecturally interesting bridge above terraced garden beds that are filled with blueberry and strawberry plants. The bridge is used to access the back side door to the kitchen.

A vegetable garden by the parking area is the newest addition to our garden and will add fresh seasonal zest to our staff lunches.