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Rain Water Pond

JULY 12, 2012  -  Ciranda installed a rain water pond on company grounds in the summer of 2012. Now home to 10 colorful koi and a variety of water plants, the pond provides a beautiful and relaxing garden atmosphere for employees and prevents basement flooding at company headquarters.  

Ciranda Office Honey Production

MAY 9, 2012  -  Two bee hives were established on the grounds at Ciranda this spring to provide a home for honey bees and an on-site source for nature’s sweetest treat – honey! With the help of the University of Minnesota’s Bee Squad, the colonies have continued to grow and thrive throughout the summer. Today our growing bee population is ranging up to five miles away to gather pollen and nectar for the hives. By season’s end, Ciranda’s hives are expected to produce 2 gallons of honey.

Natural Appeal

Natural Appeal
by Rebeca Lopez-Garcia
Baking and Snack
November 2011

"James Mitchell, Innovations and Development Manager, Ciranda, Inc., Hudson, WI, added that honey is natural and comes in an organic form, both of which are desirable attributes for many products.  Because of honey's high sweetness level, he said, products made with honey rather than sugar can include less sugars, thus achieving slight calorie reduction."



New Convenient Packaging for Palmfruit Palm Shortening

FEBRUARY 6, 2011  -  Ciranda'a organic Palmfruit shortening is produced in a sustainable manner with environmental preservation and fair trade principles being a priority. This trans-fat free shortening is ideal for a wide variety of applications including cookies, cakes, pie shells, crackers, etc.  Read more about the productions and the applications.


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