About Ciranda

Sustainable & Fair Trade

As an importer and distributor of certified organic foods, Ciranda is naturally dedicated to ecological and environmental safety and sustainable food production. But we take our commitment a step further. How? By considering the role of people – and economic fairness – in our global vision of sustainability.

Most of Ciranda’s ingredients come from the developing world. Our frequent visits to farmers and manufacturing facilities in regions throughout the world allow us to observe living and working conditions firsthand, and identify ways to improve peoples’ lives. Ongoing social engagement with our growers and manufacturers is one way we promote ethical treatment of workers and improve standards in our industry.

The terms ‘fair trade’ and ‘social responsibility’ are generally understood among industry certifiers. All agree that farmers and workers must earn a living wage and have opportunities to consistently improve their social or ecological environment.

This translates into paying fair minimum prices for their commodities and paying premiums for their fair trade lots via the exporter or manufacturer. It means engaging in social projects to improve schooling, literacy, healthcare, and access to clean drinking water. It also requires a commitment to improving the natural habitat, including improving forest diversity and keeping rivers clean.

All of Ciranda’s products are also available with fair trade certification, licensed and audited by the following Fair Trade certification programs:

Fair Trade USA
Fair Trade USA
Cocoa, chocolate, honey, agave syrup, and select coconut products

Fair Trade America
Fair Trade America (FLO)
Cocoa, chocolate, honey and agave syrup
Ciranda's FLO ID number is 3024.

IBD EcoSocial All Fair Logo
Instituto BioDinamico IBD Fair Trade Ecosocial, Brazil
Palm oils and honey

operAequa EcoSocial Logo
BioAgriCert - OperAequa Fair Trade Eco Social, Italy
Tapioca products

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
Identity Preserved: RSPO-1106158
Palm oils

Ciranda participates in organizations such as the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which brings all major palm oil growers, manufacturers and users together to develop standards and certifications to help maintain and improve the tropical rainforest.

We are members of, and have signed the Declaration of Sustainability with the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA)

Finally, we support sustainability by taking small steps in our own individual lives - like replacing an energy-intensive lawn with a prairie garden, creating a rainwater catch system, installing solar panels to produce part of our electrical needs and having bee-hives.