100% Employee-owned

Fully committed to sustainability and economic fairness for all

Ciranda supplies brands and manufacturers with the highest quality certified organic and non-GMO ingredients, with a focus on sustainable supply and fair trade practices.


The Ciranda Story

Founded on the belief that organic is better

In 1994, Brazilian-born Hans Friese, together with his wife, Joan, founded Ciranda on the belief that organic is better — better for the planet, and better for the people. They started with a simple desire to create a meaningful company, to be present on the journey, and to hopefully earn a living along the way.

In the beginning, a federally mandated organic program did not exist in the United States. The couple navigated through a complex web of organic certifications and began exporting ingredients from North American farmers to more developed organic markets around the world.

As the U.S. organic market began to mature, they saw an opportunity to support organic market growth in North America, and at the same time support the development of global communities they had become so connected with.

In 2000, Ciranda transformed from an export model, to primarily an import model as it operates today, offering a core portfolio of ingredients derived from coconut, palm fruit, cacao and tapioca.

Throughout its history, Ciranda has focused on innovation through the growth and commercialization of organic ingredients. We introduced North America to organic tapioca starch in 1998, and organic tapioca syrup in 2001. In 2002, we partnered with a Brazilian palm oil producer to offer sustainable organic palm oils. Organic and fair trade cocoa, chocolates and coconut joined our portfolio in the years following.

The Ciranda symbolizes our goal to work united together for the benefit of all.

More recently in 2018, we expanded commercial availability of organic cassava flour and organic rice syrup, both with social programs designed to positively impact the livelihood of farmers at the beginning of the ingredient's lifecycle.

Our name says it all. Drawn from Brazilian culture, a circle of people dance the Ciranda folk dance and all are invited to participate. The Ciranda symbolizes our goal to work united together for the benefit of all. Won't you join us?

Hans and Joan Friese, Ciranda founders

In 2017 Ciranda's founders transferred company ownership into the hands of the employees, ensuring that the life of the company would continue for years to come.

Our Mission

We create connections that nourish life

To connect brands with ingredients that inspire change, promote well-being, and positively impact our relationships with each other and the planet.

Our Values

Providing a solid foundation

Our core values – character, clarity, collaboration, courage and curiosity - drive our daily efforts and provide a solid foundation that guides us towards continuous improvement. 


We believe in always doing the right things, keeping our promises, and approaching each other with authenticity, respect, and compassion.


We make expectations clear through simple and transparent communication.


We believe in the power of teamwork & trust to deliver exceptional results.


We will be brave in our work by thinking boldly, pursuing creative solutions, and facing challenges head on.


We are driven by a need to understand each other, our business, and the world around us.

Our Brands

Ingredients like no other

We work closely with our manufacturing partners to develop ingredients that match our specifications and high quality standards. These ingredients are branded under d'Agave, CocoaRica, and TapiOK, offering additional value for your brand.


All products derived from organic cocoa beans carry the CocoaRica® brand.


Not all tapioca products are created equal, which is why you should request TapiOK®. All Ciranda products derived from tapioca (also known as cassava) carry this brand.


The d’Agave® brand includes ingredients derived from agave, specifically, organic agave syrup and organic agave inulin.