Organic Chocolate
Choc Kibbles 70%
Organic Chocolate
Choc Kibbles 70%


Organic chocolate chips, wafers and kibbles are available in semisweet (56%) or bittersweet (70%) and have subtle fruit and floral notes that are indicative of the cocoa beans in the growing region. Produced in a non-dairy facility.

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Ciranda's CocoaRica® organic, vegan chocolate is produced from fully fermented cocoa beans grown by smallholder farmers along the foothills of the Andean Mountain region in Peru. The main ingredients — organic cocoa liquor, organic sugar and organic cocoa butter — are combined and refined in a state-of-the-art, dedicated non-allergen* facility. Before depositing, the chocolate is perfectly tempered to produce a smooth-textured chocolate with less bitterness and acidity. CocoaRica® chocolate has a rich flavor with subtle fruit and floral notes that is representative of the beans in this area. Choose from semisweet (56%) or bittersweet (70%) chocolate. 

Organic chocolate chips make excellent inclusions in cookies, nutritional bars, granola and frozen desserts. Organic chocolate wafers and kibbles are typically melted down to use as a chocolate drizzle for sweet and savory bakery goods and snacks, or for enrobing of truffles or nutritional bars.

Fair trade certification through FLO and Fair Trade USA is available on all chocolate products upon request.

When selecting a chocolate chip, the "M number" equates to mille (1000) and corresponds to the approximate number of chips per pound. For example, a 4M chocolate chip yields approximately 4000 chips per pound and will be smaller in size than a 1M chip with approximately 1000 chips per pound. Additional chip sizes and formats may be available for volume orders. Please inquire.

*Produced in a facility that does not process the top 8 major U.S. allergens (wheat, peanuts, eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, nuts, soybeans).

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