Organic Cocoa Nibs
Organic Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa Nibs

Organic cocoa nibs are small, irregular shaped pieces of cocoa beans. They have a savory, slightly bitter cocoa flavor and crunchy texture that will complement better-for-you snacks like granola and bars.

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Organic cocoa pods Peru

Organic fermented cocoa beans are roasted, crushed, and sorted into small, irregular shaped pieces of cocoa beans or nibs. Organic cocoa nibs are most often used as inclusions in granola, bars or frozen desserts to add a crunchy, savory bite with typical cocoa flavor.

Ciranda's CocoaRica® organic cocoa nibs are produced from cocoa beans grown in the Andean Mountain region of Peru. 

Fair trade certification is available upon request.

Gluten Free
Bars & Cereals
Beverages - Dry
Confectionery - Hard
Frozen Desserts
Seasonings & Dry Blends
Snacks - Savory
Snacks - Sweet
Fiber Enrichment
Protein Enrichment
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