All Cocoa Powders
All Cocoa Powders

Cocoa Powder

Organic cocoa powder is available in natural or alkalized (dutched) varieties with 10-12% or 20-22% fat content and different flavor origins. Our range of powders can add a mild or intense cocoa flavor in a variety of food and beverage applications.

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Organic cocoa powder natural

Ciranda's CocoaRica® organic cocoa program includes GOLD and SILVER powders in natural or alkalized format with 10-12% or 20-22% cocoa butter content.

Our SILVER cocoa powders are single origin, processed in Peru from Peruvian beans. The flavor has mild fruit and floral notes that are indicative of the cocoa beans grown in this region along the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Our GOLD cocoa powders are processed in Europe using beans predominantly from the Dominican Republic, and blended with beans from Peru and Ecuador. These powders have a full-bodied flavor and a greater solubility, making them ideal for dairy and beverage applications where texture and mouthfeel are critical.

Natural cocoa powder is slightly acidic and offers the pure taste of natural cocoa. It is lighter in color than alkalized cocoa.

Alkalized cocoa powder, also known as dutch-processed cocoa, is cocoa powder that has been treated with an alkali (potassium carbonate) to neutralize the pH. The alkalization process produces a darker cocoa powder with a richer cocoa flavor. Alkalized cocoa is usually more soluble in liquid suspensions.

Black cocoa powder is further alkalized to produce a cocoa powder with an intense color. It is a key ingredient in the iconic creme-filled black wafer sandwich cookies. This powder is only available from our SILVER cocoa program.

Both natural and alkalized cocoa powders are used across the food and beverage industry in many of the same applications. Contact us for help selecting the right cocoa powder for your application.

Fair trade certification is available upon request.

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