Organic Carob Powder
Organic Carob Powder

Carob Powder

Organic carob powder is a brown powder with a slightly sweet, nutty and fruity flavor. It is commonly used as a cocoa powder replacement in bakery and snacks for flavor and fiber enrichment.

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Carob Plant close up
Carob Powder

Organic carob powder is produced from the dried pod shells of the Mediterranean carob tree. The dried and ground pods produce a slightly sweet, brown powder that is commonly used as a cocoa powder replacement in applications where caffeine and theobromine (compounds naturally present in cocoa powder) are not desired.

Carob powder blends easily into baking mixes, providing carbohydrates and fiber. It can be combined with a small amount of sugar and fat to produce carob baking chips - a chocolate chip substitute. It is also used in the pet food industry for canine treats.

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