Organic Cocoa Liquor
Cocoa Liquor Kibbles
Organic Cocoa Liquor
Cocoa Liquor Kibbles

Cocoa Liquor

Organic cocoa liquor is also known as chocolate liquor, cocoa mass, or unsweetened baking chocolate. It is used as the base for chocolate production. Choose from blocks, kibbles or 2M chips.

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Ciranda's CocoaRica® organic cocoa liquor is produced from cocoa beans grown in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Peru. The organic cocoa beans are fermented, dried, crushed into nibs, roasted, and ground to produce a mass of organic cocoa liquor.

Cocoa liquor contains approximately half cocoa butter and half cocoa solids resulting in a typical, slightly bitter flavor. It is used as the base for dark chocolate production where it is combined with cocoa butter, sugar, and usually vanilla. 

Cocoa liquor is available in large blocks, kibbles or chips. Cocoa liquor blocks are commonly used for larger volume orders to achieve reduced cost savings and storage space capacity compared to the formed kibbles and 2M liquor chips which are easier to handle and dose for lower volume orders.

Fair trade organic cocoa liquor is available by request.

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