Organic Cassava Flour
Organic Cassava Flour

Cassava Flour

Organic cassava flour is a neutral flavored, cream-to-beige colored flour that is popular with gluten-free bakers and snack-makers. Choose from fine, extra fine and toasted varieties.

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Cassava flour is widely used across Africa and South America in traditional cuisines like tortillas or pirão — a dish similar to grits or polenta that uses cassava in place of corn.

Ciranda's organic cassava flour is produced from peeled and dried cassava (tapioca) roots. The drying method creates a functional flour with pre-gel characteristics and additional nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber and potassium. Try it in extruded snacks, cereals, and gluten-free crackers, or for thickening soups and ethnic-inspired prepared meals.

Our organic cassava flour is available in fine, extra fine and toasted varieties. Fine and extra fine cassava flour are used in many of the same applications with selection based mostly on preference. Toasted cassava flour has a coarse texture and toasty flavor to complement applications like whole grain snacks and breadings.

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