Organic Pea Protein Concentrate
Organic Pea Protein Concentrate

Pea Protein

Organic pea protein is a high quality source of vegan protein produced in Europe from heirloom brown peas. Add it to plant-based ice creams, meat substitutes, baked goods and extruded snacks.

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Organic pea protein is produced from the Latvian brown pea, which has a milder flavor compared to typical pea proteins produced from green or yellow peas. It contains approximately 50% protein and 30% starch. Our pea protein is mechanically extracted without the use of heat or solvents, resulting in a native, fully functional organic vegan protein.  

When dissolved in water and added to the fat phase, pea protein acts as a foaming agent, emulsifier, and egg replacer. It is useful in vegan meat substitutes and non-dairy ice cream and milk alternatives. Try pea protein to boost the nutritional profile in better-for-you bakery and snack applications, or use it in the production of extruded protein crisps and textured vegetable proteins (TVP's).

Brown peas, commonly called grey peas in Latvia, are part of an organic and sustainable farming practice. In the Baltic Sea region where our pea protein is produced, farmers use peas, fava beans and red clover to fix nitrogen in the soil during crop rotations with the starch potatoes used to produce our organic potato starch.

*This protein is minimally processed and requires a validated kill step in the final application.

Gluten Free
Bars & Cereals
Beverages - Wet
Dairy & Non-Dairy
Frozen Desserts
Frozen Meals
Infant & Toddler Nutrition
Margarine & Spreads
Meat & Meat Substitutes
Pasta & Noodles
Pet & Animal Nutrition
Snacks - Savory
Snacks - Sweet
Binding - Slight
Cooling Sensation
Dough Improvement
Fat Replacement
Fiber Enrichment
Gum Replacement
Protein Enrichment
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