Organic Potato Starch
Organic Potato Starch

Potato Starch

Organic potato starch is a bright white, neutral-flavored powder that is highly functional as a thickening, gelling and anti-caking agent. Ciranda offers organic potato starch in native or pre-gelatinized (cold swelling) varieties.

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Organic potato fields for potato starch

Ciranda's organic potato starch is produced in the Baltic Sea region of Europe where weather conditions are ideal for producing potatoes with a high starch content. 

Compared to other starches, potato starch has a large granule size and low swelling temperature which adds to its function. In gluten-free baking, potato starch forms a film around the dough to prevent moisture migration, resulting in crispier crusts and moist interiors. In meat and vegan meat alternatives like sausages and patties, potato starch swells quickly, encapsulating liquids which are released later during cooking to create juicier-tasting meats and meat alternatives.

Organic potato starch is flavor-neutral and makes an excellent thickener in soups, puddings, gummy confections and fruit preparations due to its ability to create a transparent gel. It is also useful in replacing eggs, gums and hydrocolloids.

Ciranda offers both native and pre-gelatinized (pre-gel) potato starches. Native starch requires heat to activate the gelling and thickening properties, while pre-gelatinized potato starch has been partially pre-heated and dried, allowing the starch to activate without the use of heat. Pre-gelatinized starch is often referred to as "cold water swelling" starch.

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