Organic Tapioca Starch
Organic Tapioca Starch

Tapioca Starch

Organic tapioca starch is a white, bland-flavored starch derived from the tapioca (cassava) root. It is used for bulking, thickening and gelling in a variety of applications. Choose from native or pre-gelatinized tapioca starch.

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Tapioca Starch plant
Tapioca starch roots

Tapioca starch, also commonly called cassava starch, is one of the world's largest starch sources, coming in behind corn (maize) starch. However, unlike corn starch, no GMO tapioca cultivars exist commercially.

Organic TapiOK® tapioca starch is a high amylopectin starch with excellent water absorption properties. It forms a semi-transparent gel when hydrated. In yogurt preparations, tapioca starch adds a glossy shine and is useful for preventing syneresis (liquid migration). In gluten-free bakery and snacks, you'll find tapioca starch in baking mixes, cookies, bars, crackers, pizza crusts, pasta and more. It is also used in the pet food and personal care industries.

Native tapioca starch requires heat to activate the gelling and thickening properties, while pre-gelatinized (pre-gel) tapioca starch is cold water swelling, immediately activating without the use of heat.

Conventional non-GMO native and pre-gel tapioca starch is also available.

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Bulking Agent
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Gelling Agent
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Gluten Replacement
Gum Replacement
Shelf Life Extension
Syneresis Control
Water Activity Control
Water Binding
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