Rice maltodextrin
Rice maltodextrin

Rice Maltodextrin

Organic rice maltodextrin is a neutral-flavored, slightly sweet, white crystalline powder used as a bulking and thickening agent, carrier and texturizer. Select from DE 10 or DE 18 rice maltodextrin.   

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Organic rice plugs

Organic rice maltodextrin is produced from organic and non-GMO rice starch using enzymes. It functions as a bulking, carrying and texturizing agent, and is a suitable replacement for corn maltodextrin.

Rice maltodextrin is commonly used in dry spice mixes, seasonings and marinades; as well as in instant products like oatmeal and coffee creamers. As a fast-digesting carbohydrate, it is  useful in sports and nutritional powders. Maltodextrin is highly absorbent and converts liquid oils, sweeteners and fruit juices into powdered food ingredients during the spray drying process.

With excellent thickening and fat mimicking properties, maltodextrin can create dairy and dairy alternative products with a creamier and more luxurious mouthfeel.

Gluten Free
Bars & Cereals
Beverages - Dry
Confectionery - Hard
Confectionery - Soft
Dairy & Non-Dairy
Dressings & Sauces
Frozen Desserts
Frozen Meals
Fruit Preps & Preserves
Meat & Meat Substitutes
Pasta & Noodles
Personal care
Pet & Animal Nutrition
Prepared Meals
Seasonings & Dry Blends
Snacks - Savory
Snacks - Sweet
Supplements - Gummy
Supplements - Tablet & Capsule
Binding - Slight
Bulking Agent
Crystal Control
Fat Replacement
Freeze Thaw Stability
Gelling Agent
Low Tack Coating
Shelf Life Extension
Sweetness - Low
Yeast Fermentation
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