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Reduced Sugar Syrups

Satisfy the demand for better labels without sacrificing sweetness. Our new line of organic and non-GMO reduced sugar syrups from agave and tapioca can be used as a single syrup replacement for traditional syrups or combined to create the perfect sweetener solution for your application. With a foundation in functional carbohydrates, the team at Ciranda has the expertise and partnerships to connect customers to quality ingredient solutions.

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AL40 Plate

Agave Syrup AL40

Organic & Non-GMO
A sweet, amber-colored syrup with reduced sugar and calories.
IN10 Plate

Agave Syrup IN10

Organic & Non-GMO
A light amber syrup with reduced sugar and prebiotic fiber
Tapioca Syrup RS18

Tapioca Syrup RS18

A colorless, mildly sweet syrup with reduced sugars.