Organic Rice Syrup
Brown Rice Syrup Pour
Clarified Rice Syrup
Clarified Rice Syrup pour
Organic Rice Syrup
Brown Rice Syrup Pour
Clarified Rice Syrup
Clarified Rice Syrup pour

Rice Syrup

Organic rice syrup is a nutritive sweetener and functional source of carbohydrates. Ciranda offers brown and clarified (clear) rice syrups in a dextrose equivalency (DE) range of DE 28 - 60. Even sweeter, our rice syrups include a social program that impacts the lives of area rice farmers.

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Organic rice syrup is produced from organic rice using enzymes. The conversion process creates viscous syrups that provide sweetness and functionality in applications like bakery, confections and frozen desserts. Ciranda supplies glucose and high maltose varieties of brown and clarified rice syrups in a range of DE levels. 

In applications like ice cream, bars, granola, and gummy confections, rice syrup functions as a binder, humectant, browning agent, flavor enhancer, and texture modifier. In most cases, lower DE syrups have a higher viscosity and a lower sweetening power, while higher DE syrups have a lower viscosity and higher sweetening power. 

Organic and non-GMO rice syrup is an excellent replacement for corn syrup, and can often be substituted at a one-to-one ratio. Contact us for help selecting the appropriate DE level for your application.

Ciranda's rice syrups are produced with solar energy and impact the livelihood of area rice farmers under the Kisan Dost "Farmer's Friend" platform that provides farmer services like direct purchase of paddy, mobile agro-consultancy services, and fair minimum pricing.

Conventional non-GMO brown and clarified rice syrups are available in the same DE levels. Contact us for full program details.

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