Ponova™ Oil

Ciranda and Terviva Partner to Bring Nutritious and Climate-Smart Ponova™ Oil to Market

Ciranda, the premier supplier of organic, non‐GMO and fair-trade food ingredients, and Terviva, a regenerative food and ag innovation company, are pleased to announce the launch of the first commercial supplies of delicious, healthy, and sustainable Ponova™ oil through a new partnership.  

Made from the beans of the pongamia tree, Ponova™ oil is a lightly refined and versatile vegetable oil that can be used across an array of in-demand food applications to enhance product formulation. It offers companies the opportunity to increase their positive impact on our planet through the use of a more sustainable ingredient that supports the farming communities who produce it. 

Historically used as a reforestation species, the pongamia tree’s unique qualities make it particularly suited to a climate-changing world. Pongamia is valued because it requires low water usage, revitalizes soil health and enhances biodiversity. Its abundant yields can provide in one acre the amount of oil equivalent to roughly four acres of U.S. soybeans.

“The partnership with Terviva was a natural fit with our mission to supply ingredients that inspire change,” said JP Tournoy, CEO at Ciranda. “We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to incorporate a new-to-market oil that can directly impact their social and environmental goals.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Ciranda, a trusted supplier of sustainable food ingredients, to scale Ponova™ oil in the U.S.,” said Naveen Sikka, founder and CEO of Terviva. “This product launch demonstrates our shared commitment to regenerative agriculture and ensuring farming communities receive equitable compensation.”

The product launch announcement coincides with the Supply Side West and Food Ingredients North America exhibition which will take place on November 2-3 in Las Vegas. Terviva and Ciranda representatives will be available in booth #1928 (Ciranda) and #1775 (Terviva) to sample Ponova™ oil and share procurement details for brands and manufacturers interested in learning more. Daily giveaways will also be happening as a part of the partnership celebration at both booths.

Similar to other vegetable oils such as canola and sunflower oils, Ponova™ oil can be used as a cooking oil and as an ingredient in prepared foods such as dairy substitutes, vegan mayonnaise, spreads, baked goods and plant-based meats. It is mid-oleic (55% omega 9s) and has a taste that is reminiscent of high-quality virgin oil or avocado oils. Its golden color, slow melting curve and high smoke point improve plant-based butters and the fatty mouthfeel and juiciness of plant-based burgers. In dairy alternatives, Ponova™ oil brings a full-bodied texture and mouthfeel. 

This launch partnership reflects the shared values and dedication of Ciranda and Terviva to create a regenerative food system which positively impacts the environment and generates meaningful and equitable social impact. Ciranda drives positive change in communities across the globe by connecting farmers and ingredient manufacturers to markets they would otherwise not have access to. Terviva produces Ponova™ oil from a transparent and equitable supply chain that restores land, contributes to healthier environments, and supports farmer and smallholder communities who produce delicious, climate-friendly foods. 

About Ciranda
Ciranda is a leading global supplier and innovator of certified organic, non-GMO and fair-trade ingredients with expertise in oils and fats; syrups and sweeteners; gluten-free flours and starches; cocoa and chocolates; coconut products; and liquid and powdered lecithins. The employee-owned company operates in Hudson, Wisconsin. For more information, visit ciranda.com 

About Terviva
Terviva is a regenerative food and ag innovation company that produces healthy, plant-based food ingredients called Ponova™. Ponova™ food ingredients are made from the beans of the pongamia tree, which stores carbon, revitalizes soil health, and has a history in reforestation. Terviva's traceable and equitable supply chain includes smallholders who source wild-harvest beans from existing abundant supplies in India, and U.S. farmers who grow pongamia to help restore lands and generate new sources of income. Learn more at terviva.com.

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Ciranda, Inc.
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